“Star Embroidery – Stumpwork” Workshop

In addition to being creative the Pennsylvania Germans were also thrifty.   “Star Embroidery," or as the Pennsylvania Germans refer to as “Stumpwork”, has been in existence over 120 years.  This type of wool embroidery was generally done on closely woven fabrics that were being recycled from worn clothes or household items.  Leftover yarn from other projects was used with a tin star pattern that was made by the local tinsmith.  There was never any waste in the household of a Pennsylvania German.

You will be making a “Star Embroidery” block in class while learning the interesting technique of “Stumpwork.”  This block can be used to create a pin cushion, Christmas ornament or you can continue to make additional blocks for a larger project.

“Holiday Magic” Applique Workshop

The “Christ Collection” has so many inspiring quilt designs that it was decided to begin the “Pride of Pennsylvania Pattern Series.”  The first pattern was taken from a single appliqued block found in the bottom of a box purchased at a local sale in Pennsylvania.  The block represents so many designs… a poinsettia…a cactus…plus sprigs of currants.

This workshop will teach you the ease of beautiful points…curves…circles…bias stems…plus a bit of history.

The art of applique is always magical and all three design elements are used to celebrate the holiday season.  They are a delightful representation of charm and elegance.  The pattern will allow you as a needle artist to provide extraordinary results using your creativity….help to keep “Holiday Magic” alive.