1.   100 Years of Quilting
This lecture covers the period of quilting from 1830 through 1930.  We include approximately 30 antique quilts that represent style and format changes during this time period.  The history of the quilts and the quiltmakers provides an interesting journey through a very difficult time during the growth of our young country.

2.   The Quilt Revival of the Thirties
We provide quilts that cover a period of time from 1920 through 1950.  The lecture includes the depression period through WWII with the main focus on the "feedsack era."  In addition to approximately 30 quilts we also provide the history and various examples of feed sacks and their uses.

3.  Appliqued Quilts-As American as Apple Pie
We share the history of applique from the 19th century through the revival of the 20th century.  The lecture will include approximately 30 heirloom quilts showcasing a variety of patterns and designs that demonstrate the intricate art of applique.  You will see the talents of quilters that paved the way for needle artists today.

"Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts Trilogy"(Options 4-6)
~This is such a large topic we decided to divide it into three lectures.

4.  Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts-Folklore & Superstitions (Part 1 of Trilogy)
We provide approximately 30 quilts that represent some of the most colorful Pennsylvania quilts made in the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's.  Their unique designs and quilting patterns have created the "Dutch" folk art we collect today.  Discussion will include the connection of "quilts," "hex signs" and the world of "folklore and superstitions."

5.  Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts-The Love of Color (Part 2 of Trilogy)
The late 1800's and early 1900's explosion of bold colors and designs were captured by the Pennsylvania Dutch in their quilts.  Their folk art and love of color, including cheddar, will be presented in this particular lecture.  During this period the Pennsylvania Dutch developed their own unique style with the use of bright color combinations to create some of the most colorful quilts.  (Sunglasses are optional)

6.  Pennsylvania Dutch Quilts-Quilts from the Valley (Part 3 of Trilogy)
The third chapter of the trilogy showcases "Pennsylvania Dutch Heirloom Quilts" from local Pennsylvania estates.  You may be surprised to see what they considered their "Best Quilts," which were made and passed on to future generations.  We will also reveal regional "Valley Quilts" unique to certain areas of Pennsylvania.

7. Inspirations

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  In the world of quilting...inspirational creativity can be drawn from a variety of surroundings.  A floor tile...a vintage quilt...a combination of quilt blocks or perhaps a line in a poem...the list is endless.  The lecture will provide antique quilts from the 1800's alongside the reproductions of the 21st century.  The presentation will showcase a variety of "inspirations" and take you on a journey to be remembered.

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